I am currently working on a WordPress website, with the chosen Shopping platform being WooCommerce.

I am working on a Product Page, where the Product has 4 Different Drop Down Menus. The Drop Down Menus being:

  • Type

    • Type 1
    • Type 2
    • Type 3
  • Colour

    • Colour 1
    • Colour 2
    • Colour 3
  • Size

    • Size 1
    • Size 2
    • Size 3

Whilst there are a total of over 200 Product Variations, not all of them will ever be available. For example, the website will never stock the Variation ‘Type 1’, ‘Colour 2’ with ‘Size 3’.

With this in mind, is it possible to create a ‘If Conditional Tag’, which would Grey Out or Remove ‘Unavailable’ Options from the Drop Down Menu? For example, if the Shopper selects ‘Type 1’, then ‘Colour 2’ and ‘Size 3’ will be removed/greyed out from the other drop down menus and vice versa.

I am aware that this is possible, if the Product only has 1 Drop Down Menu but I cannot seem to figure out if it is possible where there are multiple Drop Down Menus. Is it a case of it just not being possible?

If there is no current solution to this, I would be grateful if anyone is able to point me in the right direction of which Folders/Files would require such modifications, so that I can have a starting point on how to resolve this.

Any help on this matter, would be greatly appreciated.

Read more here: Is it possible to integrate ‘if conditional tags’ within the WooCommerce Product Variation feature?


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