Is there any good reason to have $the_excerpt = $the_excerpt?

In the plugin Taxonomy Listing there is the following function:

function scprtz_tdl_get_excerpt_by_id($post_id){
$the_post = get_post($post_id); //Gets post ID
$the_excerpt = $the_post->post_content; //Gets post_content to be used as a basis for the excerpt
$excerpt_length = 25; //Sets excerpt length by word count
$the_excerpt = strip_tags(strip_shortcodes($the_excerpt)); //Strips tags and images
$words = explode(‘ ‘, $the_excerpt, $excerpt_length + 1);

if(count($words) > $excerpt_length) :
array_push($words, ‘…’);
$the_excerpt = implode(‘ ‘, $words);

$the_excerpt = $the_excerpt;

return $the_excerpt;

Note towards the end, $the_excerpt = $the_excerpt. Is there any reason to have such a line? Seems to me it is setting itself to itself, which accomplishes nothing?

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