I recently copied a wordpress directory from a subdomain to another different ,

From .lalala.com , to .lalala.com ….

As well as I got a WordPress installed and working.

Inside both subdomains, in /web subfolder I got WP installed.

But, in the new/second subdomain where I pasted WP content, I get this message…

(Image : https://i.stack.imgur.com/LrwgU.png) – I Cannot post yet images


So I look for the index.html, and doesn’t exists in web folder and any folder inside…

I check .htaccess and don’t have fault about it.

So I don’t know where to continue here… Why this?

Some help? What can be?


(Image: https://i.stack.imgur.com/Ub3Nv.png)

Here I post my web folder with files as any other WordPress folder. What’s wrong?

I Can access database, I got data copied too… As well as wp-options for url…


Read more here: ISP Config tells me to delete index.html from my web directory / And it doesn’t exist


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