Issue with AMP Canonical and Metahtml tags

I’m using better studio publisher theme, with Better AMP app, and it seems to make wrong canonical tags as I been told on google support forum

If I’m not missing anything, on the home page source code I can see:

Which looks like it’s pointing the the home page, and don’t make sense

I can see another tag on the home page code:

Which does make sense, to forward the the amp version for non-desktop users right?

I also can see on my header Kaspersky tag.. which I didn’t added

On webpages(non homepage)

For example the url:

Has the tag:

And this tag too

Which is the right tag right?

I’m not sure what I’m missing there are no crawl / and any other issue on search consul, but google defiantly does not like something in my website and sandbox it heavily

hope some who has better understanding in the technical side of things can take a look and give me some advise, I’m lost.. almost a month since I fixed everything in my website and still looks like I have some penalty, all contents are unique and as always I do slow and high quality white hat link building, I’m just missing something


Read more here:: Issue with AMP Canonical and Metahtml tags

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