Issue with vagrant chassis box

I am having an issue with my vagrant environment. I have a VIP theme installed in WordPress 4.7.4 and I imported data to it from exported XML files.

I have to use vagrant up to boot my Chassis box and then run vagrant.local.

This is what I am doing:

  1. Run vagrant up
  2. Run vagrant.local
  3. Activate my VIP theme (Default site runs with twenty-seventeen)
  4. Import data

Next time I switch on my PC, vagrant.local is no longer accessible, which is understandable, but I have to repeat all the above steps again to get the site up with data. Why should I repeat steps 3 and 4?

Why I am losing all my data every time? How can I fix this? I have no problem provisioning my Chassis box every time but at least I need the data to be there. What I am doing wrong?

Please help!

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