JS/PHP Blocking Question

Tried to post via mobile, the mobile app is trash!

I do realise this is more of a PHP/JS question too, but posting it here as it’s going to be used here.

I’m looking for a script that i can implement into a wordpress site to block a website from loading if it’s moved external to it’s original domain. – and i don’t mean iframes, i mean entire site copying. For example:

A website is hosted on abc.com. Someone uses a website copier to copy the website and uploads it to abcde.com. The website does not load on abcde.com – i already have external iframing blocked, but i want something to achieve the above. I realise it’s nowhere near foolproof, but it will stop the majority of basic people using a website copier to copy a website and upload it somewhere else.

If anyone can help, i would appreciate it. Google is drawing a near blank for something like this.


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