i need to create another fiel in k2 and i’ve try to hack K2 component and you can see picture bellow to understand my wish.

1- I want another field type that Called DOSSIER that will list all DOSSIERS ITEMS created from Database.

For doing that, i’ve make a copy off all category folder or category file i found in Domaine/administrator/components/com-k2.

i have make a copy of all in controllers | elements | models | Tables | Views

Now all don’t work properly.

2- When I Edit a DOSSIER ITEM like you can see the url is ok the TITLE and the ALIAS also, but when i click on CANCEL button, the system take me back to CATEGORIES I should be back to DOSSIER LIST ITEMS and not CATEGORIES LIST ITEMS

enter image description here

3- When I create a new DOSSIER ITEM, this NEW ITEM is created in CATEGORIES ITEM instead of DOSSIER ITEM and the url change.

enter image description here

For the moment all this work I’ve done is without creating any table, any fiel in the Database. So for this moment the problem is about EDIT, ADD, COPY, TRASH an item in DOSSIERS ITEM LIST

Read more here: K2 custom field


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