Keeping a custom theme up to date with upstream

My team will be working on a WordPress project (theme), and we’re looking to build using the Foundation CSS framework. Additionally, we will be making use of Git as source control.

We’ve discovered the Foundationpress theme, and would like to use it as a starting point:

We would only want to do this once in a while, ie maybe there is a bug in the current version that gets fixed.

My question is, how can we keep up to date with changes to the Foundationpress theme selectively?

ie: Should I fork the project, and change the remote origin to our Github repository, and add a secondary remote for the Foundationpress repo, and then only pull down changes from the Foundationpress remote when needed? I’m just not really sure what the best practice is.

Maybe there’s a better way to handle this entirely. Thank you!

Read more here: Keeping a custom theme up to date with upstream

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