Login Button Change Color and Properties [WordPress]

Hello [sorry about some bad english construction],

CSS experts/advanced people, I need a simple help about this problem. I have a native login wordpress configurated to appears when someone tries to access to my website, security reasons.

So, I used this plugin: Custom Login Page Customizer, to edit the layout of login page…and it works, but, I have a problem…I found in inspector element what properties are, but I couldn’t fix it anywhere, I don’t now. I’ve asked to friends and I asked In other forums, but the problem continues.

So, to explain what it is…

Image One

Did you see this image? I want to put all what it is blue in orange color, the check in checkbox, the “frame” arround labels, and this boring blue behind my login button.

Initially I had the login button letters with shaded blue, and I fixed it using this code:

.wp-core-ui .button-primary {

First: I don’t know how to change this colors (check and frames).
Second: I know what properties are to change the behind blue in login button, but I can’t do it, makes no effect in the code.

Check this image to the the second problem:

Blue color behind login button

This was the best way how I explain the problem, I apologize. Appreciate any help, I’m not an expert in css.

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