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I’m trying to build a scalable structure, let say I want to add different cities and have different categories so my URLs should look like this: (You can check the picture attached)

  • website.com/paris/party | website.com/paris/music | website.com/paris/lifestyle
  • website.com/london/party | website.com/london/music | website.com/london/lifestyle

So I have:

  • 1 dropdown menu for cities
  • 1 nav menu for categories such as: Party, Music or Lifestyle

If there anyone who have a Nice scalable solution for that?

Step by step explanation are better :)

I was thinking to build it this way:

  • Cities as Main Categories
  • Party, Music, Lifestyle… as subcategories for each city

However, each time I want to add a new city, it’s not really good because I have to:

  • Add new Category (ex: London)
  • Add sub-Categories for London: Party, Music, Lifestyle
  • Create a new menu for this city (on the picture: “Popular Tags”) and adding here those sub-Categories…
  • Any way to avoid this repeating process?

    Thanks for any help!

    Read more here: Looking for the best solution to build this Blog structure? Picture attached?


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