Lost in trying to create user database system

I’ve done a lot of reading and am still lost in how to approach my website. My goal is to have a login system, where these users have their own content they can save and manipulate. Say for example a game of sorts where users pick certain elements and cross-compare them to gain points etc.

It seems like there are many ways of achieving this and all the guides are not specific enough to my purpose so I was hoping to get pointed in the right direction. Currently my website just uses a basic theme and elementor to edit static pages, and I’m hoping to keep this intact to deal with aesthetics (I don’t want to do all the html/css by hand, thats why I picked wordpress).

Options I have considered:

-Using login plugins that already exist -> how to connect this user login data with their content, will these plugins create tables in sql I can access?

-Using php sessions to create login system from scratch -> willing to code this, but not sure how to integrate this into wordpress, I can make custom pages and see them in my pages tab, but can’t edit with elemantor or anything, and I’m trying to avoid doing all my own html/css. Can I use shortcodes to put all my php within pages or is that getting ugly, and can session variables work between separate shortcodes?

-Create my own plugin for the content system -> again how do I integrate this into my wordpress pages and with my login system, or can I do this all in one plugin? Can I just plop this in on any page and have it work?

Basically, I’m overwhelmed and have no idea where to go, any help is appreciated, thanks.

Also, I am using a LAMP system if that matters.

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