Lyrical Theme: Content Slider Issues/Bugs/user error?

I am using the Lyrical theme.

I have observed strange behavior when I added a Content Slider from the advanced module UI in Page builder. I’m not sure if these are all inter-related issues or if it’s better to pose them each as a new question. They are relatively minor style issues, so hopefully we can address them collectively under the umbrella of this one question. I will not mandate that the answer has to fix all of these issues. I appreciate tips big or small.

The issues:

there is an extra empty slide at the end. My Content Slider only
has 2 slides that I designed. But when I click Publish, there is a
third slide that has nothing on it. It slides through to the last
empty slide and stays there awkwardly as though there is content
there. Also there are 3 dots at the bottom of the slider, which may
mislead the user to think there are actually 3 slides.

The Call to Action button hover colors do not work. I have not
tampered with the master style.css file or anything. I’m not sure
why my Call to Action button background-color is not being
applied. Here is what I mean:

Content Slider Settings > Slide 1 > Edit Slide > Call to Action > Background Hover Color

After I set the hover color and hit publish, the button doesn’t have
the color I just set. It is a different color. I tried
.fl-button:hover{ background-color: #fff !important; } in the page
layout css, and had limited success with that, but I don’t think
it’s good practice to do it this way. Although it works, I can’t
have different background hover colors for each slide, which I would
need. Also the slides don’t allow you to set a css selector id/class
for specific styling.

The Call to Action buttons all appear to have too much
padding-top. They sometimes appear normal in page-builder mode,
but every time I hit publish the buttons in the slider have way more
padding on the top than the bottom, resulting in the text to not be
centered correctly within the button. It also makes the button look
too big. When I inspect element, nothing looks out of the ordinary.
I see: padding: 14px 28px; I tried tinkering with these values in
the css layout, but couldn’t get anything to look right.

It just seems strange that the Content Slider would have this many issues with it. Either I’m a total idiot and don’t know how to use it properly, or there is some bug with the Lyrical theme?

Question: Has anyone encountered any one of the three problems above? Is there something I can do to fix any of them? I’m having a hard time trouble-shooting further. I’d appreciate a word or two of advice.

Thank you

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