I created a custom transaction logs page fetching my data directly from WooCommerce database. I am trying to do a requery and i need the mac key and product id to create my hash which i can’t find in the database.
I am new to the payment gateways especially with WordPress.
Can anyone tell me where i can get the mac_key and product_id either from an existing library or straight from the database.
I tried this but not working.


            global $woocommerce;
            // Load the form fields.

            // Load the settings.

            // Define user set variables
            $this->product_id               = $this->get_option( 'product_id' );
            $this->pay_item_id              = $this->get_option( 'pay_item_id' );
            $this->mac_key                  = $this->get_option( 'mac_key' );
            echo $this->mac_key; die;

Read more here: Making use of global woocomerec on a custom page


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