Managing wordpress Themes & plugins for multisite

I have a multisite with subdirectory setup. will have a woocommerce shop and a blog. is intended as a separate blog site for faq or other support articles that are not of much importance.

I have made a theme with woocommerce support and custom front-page.php for mainsite and so far it is working as intended.

I want similar design for Should I have to create a new theme for this site?

Right now, I used the same theme but front-page.php is taking over homepage of this subsite but I want show blog posts.

Another issue is, I don’t want woocommerce and some other plugins for this subsite. I realize that only way to disable plugin on subsite is adding some code in functions.php, which means I need to make seperate theme for subsite ?

What is the best approach to this problem?

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