Manual migration of GoDaddy hosted wordpress site throws errors

I have been at this, combing the interwebs for an answer but have yet to be able to successfully bring a copy of a godaddy hosted site to my local wamp server. I have tried:
1.) Backup buddy – worked before on a different GD site but this one keeps timing out during the zip process
2.) All in one WP migrator – download went fine, threw errors when uploading to local server
3.) duplicator – told me that there was a zip archive issue and I fixed it by following their instructions (Godaddy cPanel: Programs: install php zip archive); process times out building the packet and anything they suggest to troubleshoot didn’t help
4.) Manual backup – 2/2 ways

Method 1: Downloaded a .sql backup copy from godaddy cpanel file manager; downloaded a copy of the website files through godaddy file manager; imported database to locally created database; put web files in the web directory created; added define('WP_HOME','http://localhost/mili');
to the wp-config files and changed the db information

Method 2: Downloaded site copy form FTP instead of godaddy file manager and ran a SQL method in the db to update the links;

Either way I do it manually, I get the following error:
Error Picture

I have never had such a difficult time getting a site down before and I can’t think of what could be wrong. Anyone have any thoughts?

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