MarketPlace platform with WordPress

I want to build a MarketPlace platform with WordPress ( a combination between Freelancer, Envato Market, LinkedIn and StackExchange ) and I have searched for different themes and plugins but I don’t know what to choose for sure ( free or payed ).

Here is what I have in mind:

one profile with 2 options : work at projects and post projects.
the possibility to have a team work for the project or just one person – the project owner can have the possibility to choose a team from the bidders.
user portfolio page.
StackExchange reputation system like.
Q/A like StackExchange or just some kind of blog feature like StackExchange Q/A.
blog feature for the platform.
a simple shop plugin to spend the reputation points – like StackExchange bounty system.
LinkedIn endorsement like feature.
Follow, Like, Wish list, for users and projects.
option for users or teams to post projects that they can do and other users can buy/sponsor the projects.
option to buy/sponsor an already made project by a user or team.
vote the best of the month option for user or project.
chat between users.
project chat option.
Freelancer like courses ( languages, Excel etc ) payed with reputation points to appear on the user short description.
privileges like StackExchange option.

Any opinion is welcomed, thank you.

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