Menu with category combination

I need to create a menu with category combination. My need is to display recipes category divided for principal ingredient and first or second dish. I read about the combination of 2 category id with the custom link. But I don’t know how to create category. If add for each principal ingredient first and second dish subcategories, or if create first and second dish categories and then subcategories with all ingredients duplicated. My problem is like that if someone want to search for an ingredient they must search in 2 categories with the same name and this is not so intuitive. I don’t know if I have explained fine what I need. Resuming my need is to associate category to a single ingredient and find a way to divide each category for first and second dish. Then create 2 menu, one with only ingredient without distinction and one in a sidebar with first and second dish root categories and then under all ingredient sub categories. Which is the best way to do that?

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