Multi-Site – Conditional Content with default

We have a wordpress multi-site (version 4.7.3) instance in which we have a first page containing a list of countries.

When the user selects one of the countries, then the page must be reloaded changing the url which should add a query var, e.g. {my_url}/&country=es). When this happens we want to show a country related content/page (if available, and this is the key of the question).

If our user selected Canada, we will show the specific page for Canada, if available, but if no specific content/page is available, we would like to show kind of default one.

I’m not an expert on wordpress and I would like to be able to achieve this by using a third party plugin thus not needing to determine on my own if the content is available or not.

We would like to not repeat the same page for every country, only for those we would like to show an specific content.

Hope its clear enough. Any advise to achieve this ?

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