Multi-stage WooCommerce procurement flow

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I’m currently building a b2b/multi-vendor/marketplace by using WooCommerce, different potential customer/company may have different procurement flow.

  • Like example, director from Company A register a customer account in my platform by providing information of his company, once his his account is being approved by platform admin, every of the branch manager is now available to register an account under the company name. Branch manager is allow to make order from the platform only after the account being validated by director.
  • I know that’s a procurement solution is call gravity flow, it automate every procurement steps, but since this is paid plugin, I wanted to know whether this work for my scenario – What I try to achieve is every new order taking by staff/manager will get through higher level manager/accountant/director first, and follow by checkout.
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    3.RFQ, when product couldn’t be found from the platfrom, customer(staff/manager) will create a “Request for quotation”. This plugin “Request a QUote”, only sending the request to admin, but I want something that target to every registered vendor in my platform. Multi vendor plugin

    Any solution would be appreciate!

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