Multiple categories PROBLEM and Duplicating main categories

I’m quite new to this website stuff, still learning, but I am really confused on these problems.

Firstly, my website is a shop. When I try and place a product into multiple sub-categories, the product shows up three times in different categories.

For example, Forestry machinery > chainsaws > 12″ Chainsaw bars.

The product shows up in all 3 categories even though I have selected the 12″ chainsaw bar category ONLY.

For reference:

My main slug categories duplicate on the HOME page.

for reference:

where it says DACK SAWMILLS on the bottom left, it’s meant to be forestry machinery. When I update the item it states: item not updated.

Additionally, I cannot update the main categories e.g customise page or customise button, I get a HTTP ERROR 500.

Please help because obviously I’m inadequate of this 🙂

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