I have an existing non-wordpress site on example.com, which has two sub-directories. Within these sub-directories, each is going to have a sub-directory (/blog). In each of these blog sub-directories I want to install WordPress, to use for the blogs. And, I don’t want to have to use two WP installation, ideally, as I would then need to login to two different places.

So I am hoping that this can be achived with a WP multisite, somehow:


I want to install WP mulitsite in section-one/blog and I want to be able to manage the content in section-two/blog from the admin panel of the installation in section-one/blog. NOTE: I cannot install WP in the root of either section-one nor section-two nor in the root of the domain.

Can this be achieved with WP multisite?


Read more here: Multisite installtion in one sub-directory and another wordpress site in a different sub-directory?


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