My theme can’t customization widgets

I build custom widgets for my theme and everything is working without any issues by adding the widgets from Appearance -> Widgets and select the title and the options.

The problem now when I trying to add the widgets from customizing .php page.

This problem happens:

1- When I click on the sidebar name to add the widget after join if I want to back again from > button nothing happens.
2- After adding the widget the options drop-down menu of the widget not appearing and if I trying to make it manually by clicking the button nothing changing also.

The problem that my theme has more than 100 files so it’s very hard to me to get the error and solve the problem (debug file is empty).

NOTE 1: the error in console is: TypeError: e is undefined – load-scripts.php:7

NOTE 2: This problem happens on my theme only.

NOTE 3: I try to remove all my custom widgets but nothing change.

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