My WordPress installation doesn’t load correct template

For whatever reason there are some odd things going on with my theme, I feel like it’s such a fickle install and some times I wonder how it runs.

Anyway, I’m having a few different post types, created using the plugin Pods.

In this case I have a custom post type integration and as such I made the template files category-integration.php and single-integration.php, respectively.

I have 3 environments, across which this is creating different results (local, staging and prod). On local and staging the correct template is not being loaded correctly.
The steps I took was to create the php files, and then create the category Integration in which template file I just load the same-named pod elements.

However, all I’m getting is an empty page.

On our production environment, the category is created as a page, which (in my opinion) is not only wrong, but also further causes confusion.

If I go to /integrationer the wpadmin-bar doesn’t even reflect that it’s a category, by giving the edit category button. Its as if that specific page is completely out of the loop.

This is a tough thing to describe, so let me know if I need to add further information.

Could this at all be related to cleaning up the database? I’m thinking perhaps WP has created some confusion through having both a page, category and pod named similarly.

I should also mention I am now (although not until yesterday) also experiencing the same issue with my /blog and /support templates, where the templates are no longer being loaded either (instead they are returning 404).

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