Need help translating 3 words in a Child Theme

I’m having a bit of a major meltdown regarding a translation of a site. It’s a wordpress site with a WooCommerce shop. LocoTranslate and Avada is installed.

The issue is, that some individual strings of text are not being translated – even when i’ve changed the .po file (with PoEdit).

For example, there’s a string on the customer cart that says: “hello USER (not USER? Sign out)”

In PoEdit it looks as such: Hello %1$s (not %1$s? Sign out)

I’m adding a translation that says: Hej %1$s (ikke %1$s? Log Ud), but it doesn’t show up on the site.

I’ve been told that I needed to make the translation in a child theme directly. I’ve downloaded the Child Theme Configurator plugin, added a child theme – and now what? I’m not the sharpest in these sorts of topics, so what do I do to get these strings translated??

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