Need Script help to move data from columns into a different tab on separate rows

I have a spreadsheet that I need to try to populate. It starts with having information in WordPress where I can export a spreadsheet that has shipping information and the line items that they are shipping on one row each. If there are multiple items, then there is columns for item 1, item 2, item 3, etc.

I need to get it into a format where it is the shipping information on each row, and then a second tab that contains the shipping item on each row (with the first column being a customer reference ID that matches the first tab of information.

Each order may have different number of items, so the script needs to go to the first order row, check each column of information (and the additional columns of attributes for that item) and then drop them into a row on the second tab of the spreadsheet.

Then once it finds a column with no information, it then goes to the next row and repeats. It does this until there are no more rows of orders.

There is a maximum of 10 items per order so it will stop after 10 rows of information.

In addition to that it also needs to map other information in the correct sequence, but that’s a different issue and much less difficult as those columns don’t move around or anything.

If anyone has any idea of a wordpress plugin that can do this, that would be best, but I would also be interested in a Excel script that can do this (as long as it can run on a Mac too).

Any advice is appreciated.

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