Nesting Shortcodes in WordPress [duplicate]

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First off, I have searched for an answer, but everything I have found refers me to the Codex, which, quite simply, might as well be written in “Greek”. I have just started using WordPress and I do NOT know a lick about PHP, so the Codex is just a bunch of gobblity-gook. I thought this should be simple, maybe it just can’t be done, but here we go…

I have a shortcode (which I found by googling) which hides content on my WordPress site if you are NOT logged in. [member] Must be logged in to see this. [/member] That works great.

Now, I have added a database using Participant Database plug-in and want to display a list of people from that database using their shortcode… {pdb_list] This too works just fine, BUT….

What I need to do is “[member] [pdb_list] [/member]”. Not everyone who visits the site needs to be logged in, but to see the list they MUST be logged in. PLEASE help, but don’t just say read the codex (Greek to me), or say use “do_shortcode()”, that answer is also indecipherable given my experience.

This seems it should be simple, but I can’t figure it out… T.I.A.!

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