The example I am thinking of is similar to unix that has a login rule allowed times.

what I am trying to do is set up a small window if I am traveling to be able to modify the .htaccess file.

Order Deny,Allow

Deny from All

Allow from XX.XX.X3.*

Allow from XX.XX.X4.*

but have the entire Deny,Allow work from as an example Al0000-2355

so it allows only specific hardcoded ip ranges but for 5 minutes a day allows all so I can hop in from a non listed IP, log in and replace the .htaccess file with the IP range I am working at.

I guess I can set up closed and open file and have it in cron to
cp path/closed path/.htaccess the ip filtered list,
and then
cp path/open path/.htaccess

Not sure if there is a way to code “Deny from All if system time = 0000-2355”
in effect deny ignored from 2356-2359


Read more here: new and testing .htaccess whitelisting. Is there a way to set a rule enforcement time?


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