new WPMS site not working / Q setting up new site/subdomain

I have followed all the instructions and read several articles verifying the config for WPMS was done correctly. My root site works fine, but when trying to go to the dashboard (or the direct URL) of my newly created site/subdomain (from MySites->NetworkAdmin->Sites, then dashboard link), “” I get “Site Not Found page” (and the wp-admin directory isn’t located under the new site/subdomain directory ./ )

In looking within the new subdomain site directory, I only see 3 files :

-rw-r–r– 1 tjobson pg8931404 777 Apr 12 18:04 quickstart.html

-rw-r–r– 1 tjobson adm 0 Apr 12 18:04 favicon.gif

-rw-r–r– 1 tjobson adm 0 Apr 12 18:04 favicon.ico

I would assume that for a new “stub” site, I’d be able to use the dashboard to go in and customize, import, whatever.. ?

Q?> ? Do I need to first copy over all the WP folders to create this new site, where I assumed since everything is setup as network shared themes/plugins.. I wouldn’t need to ??

If this is the case that I do need to copy over site folders/files from another (the root domain site config), it seems that this should have been an install/config option, or some default stub’s be created ?
What’s more concerning is that in NO documentation.. and I’ve read ~10 admin guides for this.. NO WHERE does it say / explain the new site directory structure, NOR a process required to setup/configure the new site (what to copy if so.. etc.).

I’m now questioning whether I need some wildcard DNS entry.. or ?? (but would assume my config is broken and needs to be installed within the subdomain directory ?(Y/N)

Neither dreamhost, other boards/past-QA.. nor my paid-for theme developers have any answers.

Let me know, your assistance is greatly appreciated !

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