I’m having trouble displaying my pages in wordpress, I get 404 errors on every page but the homepage. I’ve tried resetting the permalinks on the admin panel, but the the ‘default’ option doesn’t show, just ‘plain’, ‘post’ etc…

When I visit the page, the website automatically makes a new .htaccess file. This then generates a 403 error, so I mess with the permissions, still nothing happens.

I have now deleted the .htaccess file to be able to see the admin panel again.

Does anyone know how I might set the permalinks if there’s no default options and all my pages are showing 404 errors?

I am thinking about re-installing because this problem has lasted 5 days, and I have searched the internet relentlessly for days, trying to fix this. How would I also re-install without losing all my content (pages, plugins, posts, themes, shop products…etc)?

Thanks in advance!

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