No Permission to add new Page, Post or CPT with Admin role

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After a server update, I got some problems on my website, running WordPress 4.9.2

I could not update WordPress version to 4.9.4, cause I was getting a message like this:

Another update is currently under way.

I finally manually updated WordPress, but this did not solve another problem:

Of course my user has an administrator role: I can edit already existing posts or pages, but I cannot add anything new, it says I have not the permissions.

In the “Add new” page in the admin, I can’t see the Publish button (as usually), but just a “Send for revision” button.

And clicking “Send for revision” button doesn’t work, getting this message:

You have no permission to edit this post.

Also other parts of this page are missing (like format list, permalink), looking like sort of broken page (see screenshot).

I tried with some research, but I could find really nothing that could give me at least a small idea of what is the problem.

  • folders in FTP seem to have right permissions (755, 644)…
  • all plugins and WordPress version are updated
  • already tried to disable all plugins
  • .. depending maybe on some settings of the server?

Does anyone know on what could this problem depend?

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