oembed facebook link?

I’m trying to oembed some facebook video . . . without ay chance so far . .. I’d like to avoid any plugin for this.

I went through toe documentation but nothing to do, I’m declaring in my functions.php like below ( I also tried to follow the steps of this article with no luck):

function oembed_facebook() {

wp_oembed_add_provider( ‘https://www.facebook.com/video.php’, ‘https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video/oembed.json’, false );
wp_oembed_add_provider( ‘https://www.facebook.com/*/videos/*’, ‘https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video/oembed.json’, false );

add_action( ‘init’, ‘oembed_facebook’ );

Then in put in my page the following:


But i just have the code url being display . .no content being embeded . . .

Id anyone could let me know what I am doing wrong ?

It will be super ! Thanks a lot for your time and help !

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