One post but two separate permalink structure and template views

I am wondering if there is code or a plugin would help to solve my problem.

I run a news website. Rather than make a separate custom post type and separate that from the actual story post that eventually gets published to the public. I was thinking I could make an assignment Advanced Custom Fields field group attach it to the story post – to have photo and reporter assignments for each story post and then have one permalink that displays the final story template and another permalink view that displays the assignment for the photographer and reporter that is then sent to the person.

This way the assignment stays with the story at all times. I have attempted to use post 2 post and acf child post to attach a custom post type to another custom post type but they both dragged my site down to a crawl.

In other words I am looking to display one set of ACF fields one way but then another set of ACF fields another way all within the same “post”

The idea is that I want to keep everything “connected” within the CMS. FO example an editor is looking at a story in the CMS but needs to refer to what the original assignment was.

one idea is to use categories but is there a way to have two separate categories for one post — one category called “assignment” for the assignment permalink and the other normal such as “news” “sports” etc.

any ideas are appreciated.

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