Only show post if Author matches Logged in User

For some reason this is really vexing me! It should be simple for someone who knows what they are doing? Basically ….

I have setup a sort of ‘Profile’ based website in WordPress. Essentially new signed up users become ‘Members’ (just a derivative of a Subscriber) and purposefully can only see their own profiles. This functionality is dealt with by Ultimate Members plugin.

Within their profiles are links to a custom post called Sessions. Sessions are added by admin and then assigned to the right user with the Author tag. All of this is great – just one problem ……

Once the session is clicked and single-sessions.php loads up – it produces a URL such as If I now take that URL & paste it to a new browser whilst changing the username to another user, I can now see their session. This is a big no no!

What I need is some kind of array which acts like:

If Author Name = Display name
then show page

else re-direct to ‘sorry’ page


Could anyone tell me how to go about this? I cannot seem to get it to work!

Thanks in advance

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