Opening a link in a new window in WordPress

I need a little help on this. Usually I can simply go to an HTML file and add a target to a link to make it open in a new window like so.

<a target="_blank" href="">My Link Text</a>

However, when I go into my wordpress files via FTP I do not see the anchor for me to add a target to. It is referencing the link from the database but I do not have access to that just yet so how can I hard code the target=_blank to the anchor without DB access?

As you can see below the anchor is not hard coded either. Just what I have below.

Below is the code where I should be adding the target.

        $title = ($resource_center_home_link_text) ? ' title="' . $resource_center_home_link_text . '"' : '';

    echo do_shortcode('[prequal url="' . $resource_center_link . '"' . $title .']');

Any assistance on this would be great.

Thank you

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