Overriding /included/layout.php in Extra child theme

I’m working with a child theme for Extra by Elegant Themes to which I’ve added a custom taxonomy. I have modified the layouts.php file (in /includes) to make the theme use its layouts for custom taxonomies as well as category and tag archives.

However, I’ve had to do this by editing the parent theme files, as I can’t find a way to add my changes in via the child theme. This of course means my changes will be lost if the theme is ever upgraded, so it’s decidedly sub-optimal as a solution.

The file is loaded via a require in functions.php:

$et_template_directory = get_template_directory();
require $et_template_directory . '/includes/layouts.php';

The functions I’ve altered within layouts.php are extra_modify_archive_query and is_extra_tax_layout. Unfortunately these functions aren’t declared within if ( !function_exists( ... conditions, otherwise I could just define them in the child theme functions.php.

In both edited functions I’ve simply subsituted is_category() || is_tag() with is_category() || is_tag() || is_tax(). Is there another way to solve this by making the is_category() function return true for custom taxonomies? That would solve my problems as well.

Any ideas on how to solve this properly, without editing the parent theme or WordPress core? Thanks.

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