Overwrite Client’s Default Browser Font Setting with WordPress Site

I’m working on a WordPress website for a banking client. We have built out the site which is hosted on our development server and provided them with a link to review it. One of their issues / change requests has stumped me. It seems their whole company has set their default web browser font to Times New Roman in their browser settings on the machine(s). In Chrome, this would be in Settings > Advanced Settings > Web Content: Customize Font. The client is using IE8.

The client has requested that we somehow change the font that they see on their internal computers to match the ‘Open Sans’ font that we have set as the default font in the WordPress theme options…..? Is that even a possibility? They say their previous web developer was able to do this for them. Is it possible to overwrite default browser settings?

As I understand it, web page fonts are a suggestion and individual browsers can choose to (or be instructed to) ignore or modify CSS stylings on the user side.

I’ve included links to both sites below for referemce.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Link to Previous Website with Font changing ability

Link to Current website with default ‘Open Sans’ font

Read more here: Overwrite Client’s Default Browser Font Setting with WordPress Site

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