So i am currently creating a website for a eSports team in wordpress, and i have just ran into a problem, that i do not remember how to sort out. I remember from making chrome extensions there is a method for doing this, but i do not remember, and that is why i am here now :)

First code
As you can see on the picture, that is what is in the CSS, and i need to keep that for other pages, but i want my one page to overwrite that. I have a box where i am allowed to add custom CSS, but when i add the code, it gets overwritten by the old code. I know why this happends, but not how to fix it without changing the original css (which i would prefer to avoid)

Overwritten code

So my question is, how to i make my new css overwrite my old css?
(i have tried !important and it does nothing)

Read more here: Overwrite wordpress css?


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