I have successfully imported 310,000 posts to the table wp_posts using LOAD DATA INFILE (any php based scripts/wp-plugins timed out so I had to use a MySQL only option).

My problem is that although the posts appear fine in wp-admin, they are not accessible by the front-end, “page not found”.

Manually ‘updating/saving’ a post allows it to be accessed from the front-end. Obviously I cant do this with 310,000 posts.

Things I have tried: –

  • Saving permalinks without changes
  • Saving permalinks with changes
  • Disabled all plugins and reenabled them on at a time
  • Manually updating .htaccess
  • Adding postmeta (entering the same data from an updated working post) for a few posts to see if WordPress was relying on any of this meta.
  • Comparing an updated post row with an untouched post row in wp_posts to see if there are any differences (there are not)

I should mention that I am using WooCommerce (so posts are “post_type=product” and all meta added was for WooCommerce) but I strongly believe the issue to be with WordPress rather than WooCommerce (unless you can tell me otherwise!)

Many thanks in advance!

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