page/{page_number} not working after WordPress update

After updating WordPress, pagination stopped working. I am using wp-e-commerce for the pagination and it’s creating the buttons successfully with their corresponding links as following: /products/%category%/page/%page_number%/ . However, WordPress fails to retrieve the corresponding page. It’s always the first page and the bottom shows “Page: 1”, even though the URL has a different number.

While debugging I noticed that manually removing /page from the URL works but makes the following redirect:

/products/%category%/%page_number%/ -> /products/%category%/%page_number%/page/%page_number%/

In simpler words, this URL: /products/category1/2/ redirects me to /products/category1/2/page/2/ and it works!

Going to Settings->Permalinks and saving didn’t solve anything.

So I assume that this is not a code-related problem but a permalinks one.

I appreciate your help.

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