PHP get_category() function redeclared

I’m not a developer, hence why i’m asking for the help of you experts :). I was assigned the task to move a wordpress website

WooCommerce Price Based on Country – Keep until the session ends

Woo Commerce Price Based on Country Plugin is working fine on single product page if i change the select option Demo for that on single

Development plugin doubts

I need to develop a WordPress plugin to run the management of a studio academy and I’ve been looking for information about it; But right

How to assiign value of custom widget input text box to a variable?

I want to fetch the value from custom widget input text box to a variable outside the widget class. For example, I have input fields

Woocommerce show / hide required checkout fields with using of Local pickup plus plugin

Woocommerce Local pickup plus plugin is used with “Hide the shipping address” option. When some requiered shipping address fields are hidden they are still set

Insert svg into Widget Content

I installed SVG Support plugin. I have a .svg file with svg icons(symbols). I want to import these icons into Content of a Widget. If

Hide / Change WooCommerce admin notice

Hi WooCommerce ninjas! I’m developing WooCommerce plugin and every time when I submit form (Save Changes button) on top shows update notice with ‘Your settings

Images don’t load on safari

The site works fine on all other browsers, but yesterday on safari the images stoped loading. Most of them were blurry and some didnt load

404 Bot Attack on My Website (DDoS of Sorts)

Over the last few days I have noticed that my WordPress website had been running quite slowly, so I decided to investigate. After checking my

customizing my categories widget in wordpress to allow related search record.

I am trying to hack the default categories widget from wordpress. I have the categories displaying the number of posts in each post which is

WordPress Custom Post Types, Taxonomies and Tags

Here is a scenario for manufacturers, products and their categories that I am trying to setup in WordPress. 1- There are manufacturers, which have various

Own Sites IP Visiting Delete Me Files

I have been getting a pretty hardcore attack coming from Canada for ahwile. I have noticed users simply vanishing too. Recently I found my own

Port Blocked After Malicious File Found on WordPress

I run a woocommerce store website with my cousin. I checked the website today after several days and found it was not working. On checking

Add ‘Number of stock’ to WooCommerce Variable Product Dropdown

I have found how to add Sold out in variable drop down in Woocommerce what I want to do is to place the number of

Whats the correct way to write nginx configuration for wordpress?

I have a problem with configuring my wordpress nginx settings. This is my nginx configuraton server { listen 80; server_name wordpress.project; access_log /var/log/nginx/wordpress.project/access.log; error_log /var/log/nginx/wordpress.project/error.log;

I have error to log in to phpmyadmin page

I am going to make a website using wordpress. I install WAMP new version and Then i goto phpmyadmin page. it shows me login page.

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