WordPress All In One SEO plugin not sharing to Facebook wall

I use to implement Facebook’s OpenGRaph protocol on my pages (wordpress) based on All In One SEO plugin. With each page: <meta property="og:type" content="article"> <meta

Woocommerce free theme

sorry for my question, but Im looking for woocommerce free theme more than 4 hours and dont want waste my time. Exist some woocommerce free

Child Theme home.php not working

I am using a child theme for “Hustle”, I am trying to create home.php for the posts_page but its not working. The main theme is

WordPress Taxonomy template structure. (Category / List / Products)

I need help with taxonomy templates. Can find right solutions. So i have created taxonomy named “products”, added categories and products, i have 3 views:

How to include all files within a folder to functions.php?

My functions.php includes other function files located within a ‘functions’ directory. Currently they’re individually added, in the format of this example: include('functions/login.php'); How can I

Call function from main WordPress theme in a plugin

I have a function in my theme functions.php file which returns a value: function my_theme_function() { return "100"; } Anywhere in my theme templates I

How to add variations to product in woo-commerce using API

I tried to create products in woo-commerce using API with product variations but it gives error like authentication failed. If I remove variations from API

woocommerce new order email notification not working

I have installed woo-commerce on my website but when a new order is placed, no notification email is being received by the user or admin.

Need wordpress environment code

I have a problem. This code is well in php. I am trying make that WordPress environment code. What is problem on my code? I

How to found which script is run when i click anywhere in website?

Actually, I am working on a WordPress website and I use a theme for it. The problem is that daily I open first time my

How to display number of relevant searches in category?

what i want to do is that, i have different posts in different categories in my website, i want to implement when a user searches

Woocommerce display product pricing rules

Okay, my main problem here is that it does not read the if statement, but only the else. The else works fine and shows up

get wordpress post loop by meta box date

hello i just added date input by using metabox but i can’t sort the loop in the front end page by latest metabox input date

Image covering the full div CSS

Hi I have an issue with the page http://nroux.com I build it with the DIVI theme from WordPress. I want the pictures to be covering

I need the (Submit this form )button to be clicked automatically when the page loads (WORDPRESS)

iam customizing a page in wordpress , i dont need the user to see this page when it loads , so i need the Sumnit

CORS issue with jquery and cookies for subdomains

I’m running 2 sites on my local machine. (names configured via hosts file). cf2.localhost.net (laravel) cf2wp.localhost.net (wordpress) When a user logs in to wordpress they

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