WordPress adding a menu page when activating a plugin

Im making a custom plugin for wordpress and i need to create a page in the admin menu. I already have a file called mailing_list.php

wordpress website images not showing on mobile phones

I’ve added quite a lot of photos of my website and they’re all visible on the computer and laptop view, however when I have a

Custom post type is using the index.php template

Here i read that if i create a custom post type, WordPress will look to its specific template first, then it falls back to single.php.

how total price, price without VAT and VAT seperately

I’m using “WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips” plugin and wanted to ask. Does anybody have experience in changing Total in pdf. Right now I

How to add custom post type / post to Woocommerce

I have a custom post type called “books”, how can I make “book” buyable through Woocommerce.I have tried the below code which have been mentioned

How to add a short code after a Div.class?

I want to insert a shortcode to each custom post type by my function.php. I find this code. function add_content_after_h2($content){ if (is_single()) { $div =

crontab not syncing up with AWS S3 bucket

enter image description here1.Platform – amazon unix 2.Other application installed – php, php-mysql, httpd, stress . 3.Intent[what am i trying to achive] : installed wordpress

Hide some custom meta order item in order email

in my wordpress plugin I add in each woocommerce order item some metadata, but when the email is sended I want to hide some of

Connecting to RDS Mysql from docker container with WordPress

Using docker-compose to spin up a wordpress container but within that container I want to connect to a RDS mysql instance on AWS. I am

Configure gulp in a separate folder than WordPress theme

I’m setting up gulp to automate our WordPress build process. The current folder structure we use is ClientWebsite/wp(this holds the core files) and then ClientWebsite/wp-content/themes/custom-name/(this

Custom Post Type won’t show in Category Page

I have registered a custom post type in functions.php like this: function wpt_portfolio_posttype() { register_post_type( 'portfolio', array( 'labels' => array( 'name' => __( 'Portfolio' ),

wp redirect to same page in php

on my website I restricted 3 pages (IDs 861, 869, 931) to all non-registered users but I’m having a problem, those pages will always redirect

Can I use require() function in a template file?

In my template file I want to include a library. I uploaded the library into my theme folder, and inside my theme folder is my

doing an ajax request always outputs 0

I’m trying to do an ajax request from my themes header.php file. I’ve read that I have to use the admin-ajax.php file to achieve this.

Issue with nested repeater in WordPress Advanced Custom Fields

I have a series of repeaters nested inside a parent which show images. The markup for this is a tab based system which shows ones

Get event duration for a specific time period per user

This is an example of my table. I have multiple entries on multiple rows for a given post_id (this is metadata for posts). post_id |

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