What is the rule for search engine in wp?

WordPress version:4.7.5+theme:2014. To prepare a post for testing. Please write a sentence i am testing search for awk and publish it with title testforsearch. select

Can a Nginx WordPress multisite use both a subdomain and a subdirectory in each instance?

I’d like to set up an Nginx WordPress multisite as follows: example1.example.com/blog <-- Houses WP install example2.example.com/blog I’ve Googled around (and read the SE posts)

Button onclick animation with sound and setting cookie

Ok, so I have this client that just NEEDS to have fancy animation when entering his site. WordPress. Thing is supposed to be a picture/button,

WordPress Image Resize Option not coming

I have 2 wordpress blogs in which I am using same theme. Problem is I am not seeing Image resize option in site1 blog. Hence

How to remove menus items from Menu section from WordPress theme customizer

HI I have I need to Remove Menu Items From Menu Session from the wordpress Theme Customer Below is the Screen shots I have Try

Pagination on custom post type using WP_Query

I created code for pagination on custom post type. The following works for me. But remember When multiple loops (posts lists) are used in a

WordPress blog pagination error

An the bottom of the blog page of my WordPress site, there are numbers for pagination. Assume my initial blog post page is https://example.com/blog When

Change "Sold out" for certain products in WooCommerce

What I am trying to do is to change the standard WooCommerce Sold Out message and add something after it for just two types of

How to change direction of ULTIMATE PRODUCT CATALOG to right?

Ok, I’m using ULTIMATE PRODUCT CATALOG to list my company products.the default direction of it, is from left to right. how can I change it

WordPress image slider not working

Php image slider not working and I need help. The website is www.cherwellwindows.co.uk and the line of code that is not working is Can anyone

Woocommerce Change the Position for the product attribute and Price on Product Page

I want to swap the Product attribute size and Price. The Price should display above the Size. I am new to the woocommerce , is

is there any wordpress plugin which put restrictions on username which admin chooses

is there any wordpress plugin which put restrictions on username which admin chooses, i found many plugins but all of them put restriction on username

Is it possible to integrate ‘if conditional tags’ within the WooCommerce Product Variation feature?

I am currently working on a WordPress website, with the chosen Shopping platform being WooCommerce. I am working on a Product Page, where the Product

Foundation 6 Sticky Sidebar Not Working

So I am having an issue getting the Foundation 6 Sticky sidebar to work when placing a data-anchor on the sidebar. When I set up

Change post category automatically after 2 years wordpress

I want to change the post category after 2 years of current date. If you all guys have any solution then post it. Thank You

Random Loop Filter

Hi guys wondering if anyone can help. I have this code that lists all sub pages, their featured image and title/link. What I’d like to

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