Passing a filter to custom query

How would I get my “woocommerce_product_is_visible” filter hook to work with a WordPress custom query. If I change “woocommerce_product_is_visible” to “pre_get_posts” I get “Warning: Missing

WordPress does not load plugins’ libraries properly

I have a custom made theme working fine since long. Today when I was working on it I found some strange behavior. I think it

detach logo from header menu and put it between header and first part of body

Dear all geniuses out there, I’m building a website in wordpress, however I’m not an expert in it. I’m looking to make logo bigger and

How can i rename my default wp-login.php to login?

I would like to rename url of http://mysite/wp-login.php to http://mysite/login and also http://mysite/wp-login.php?action=register to http://mysite/signup I used following code in my .htaccess file but it

Woocommerce Storefront Theme [on hold]

How to change products at categories like New In,Best Sellers etc given at homepage of Storefront Theme of WooCommerce v2.2.2? Read more here: Woocommerce Storefront

how to create a button maker with wordpress shortcode

i want to create a shortcode functions that creates various buttons… in my shortcode tag, i specify the properties that i want like bg-color, size,

How to get pages by same post_parent in both languages (WPML)?

I need to modify older website which I didn’t create and I have this very simple code which should get posts by post_parent – it

Open source website creation tool for aspx

Is there any open source website creation tool written in aspx ? Similar to wordpress but in aspx instead of php also with CMS if

How can I switch entire page without reloading by 1 click

I want to create a new wordpress website like When user changes the switch, entire page is changed. Is there any plugin for this?

modify urls adding a css id at the end

I’m trying modify some urls (on a wordpress website) by adding a css ID at the end: So for ex: should become: Basically

How to make id user can be view content

I have code <?php global $current_user; // Use global get_currentuserinfo(); // Make sure global is set, if not set it. if ( ! user_can( $current_user,

wordpress Custom Post Type Data store into Custom post and postmeta table

I want to manage WordPress custom post data thought custom post and postmeta table that working same logic as it post and postmeta tale only

Get wordpress posts from certain category if statement

I’m trying to get wordpress posts belonging to a certain category if a condition is met. So basically there is a select dropdown where the

query external DB and display value in theme

Whenever I publish a new post on my WP site, I also create a new topic on my forums (running phpBB). I also enter the

How to recursively add script files (such as .css and .js) to a WordPress theme

I’m trying to add all my custom Js and CSS files located in my theme folder (themes/rev_cust/layout, and themes/rev_cust/s): /* Add Scripts */ if (

WordPress – get category name as select option value

I’ve got a select dropdown which outputs all the available categories of the WordPress site. Now I’ve been trying to also set the value of

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