How to fix a WordPress recent_posts query

I have written a query to display recent posts on my homepage. For some reason the first div after the recent posts (latest-2) is displayed

JS Problems in WordPress (myinit is not defined)

I have this errors in WordPress: Uncaught ReferenceError: myinit is not defined at HTMLScriptElement.onload I can see with inspect several added code to javascripts like:

Error get_posts with Custom Taxonomy and OR relation

I’ve been stuck on this for hours… I did a var_dump($list_items) right before if ( $list_items ) { and it turns up empty, but a

Remove WooCommerce action – hook unknown

In the WooCommerce template simple.php there is this action hook do_action( 'woocommerce_before_add_to_cart_button' ); There seems to be a function hooked to this because it generates

custom addon in WooCommerce product in cart and order programmatically

I have ‘addon’ post_type and and its price are stored in meta data i.e. I can get price of addon by get_post_meta($addon_id,’add_on_price’,true). Now when a

Website loading pages twice

The website on which I’m working keeps loading each page twice slowing down the overall speed, as you can see in the image below. My

Looking for a Woo-commerce addon or plugin to have a drop down accordion. Example website in comments When you click on a product a drop down appears with a small product description and a link to the product shop. Is this

Add to cart on category page not refreshing page

I have installed latest wordpress. In single product when “add to cart” is pressed it refreshes the page and mini cart is updated. In “Shop”

How can i use the function AnimOnScroll in Masonry With Ajax load more plugin

I use ajax load more plugin with Masonry layout i folow this method so i creat new js file with this content : $(function()

sidearea cuts slider when closed wordpress

guys! I have the issue on my website: When I open sidearea and then close it, on my page a piece of slider cuts off.

Docker volumes_from to Docker Swarm

any idea how I could transform the volumes_from used in docker-compose in a docker swarm (service create) command ? version: ‘2’ services: andreir-hypera-php: image: qubestash/wordpress:php-7.1.5-fpm-alpine

WordPress phone Number Restrict to allow xxx-xxx-xxxx Format

i have Kept the placeholder as xxx-xxx-xxxx <label> Phone Number </label> [number* shm-mrk-phone minlength:10 maxlength:140 placeholder "] i changes the tel script in plugin formatting.php

wordpress contact form 7 phone number allow xxx-xxx-xxxx form

WordPress contact form 7 phone number allow xxx-xxx-xxxx form as of not it’s allowing xxxxxxxxxx i want to show a placeholder xxx-xxx-xxxx and want to

I’m running WooCommerce version 3.0.7. I want to change the Add To Cart button text on my product page for an item with variations:

enter image description here I want to change this read more button to cart button Read more here: I’m running WooCommerce version 3.0.7. I want

How to edit Billing Address Label to Shipping Address in the thank you page and customer email?

In my WordPress site after customer place an order a thank you page will be shown This is my thank you page, at the bottom

Menu Social Icons Jump Position on Refresh

I have a problem with my social media icons in my menu bar. Sometimes when I go to my website, my social icons are shown

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