Where is the User’s Admin Bar Preference stored? I want it to default to off for new users

In the profile.php admin page there is a checkbox for the Toolbar: Show Toolbar when viewing site. I can’t seem to find where this option

WordPress monthly archive links result in 404

When I use the archive widget in a sidebar, it creates the normal monthly post archive listing like the following: February 2014 January 2014 October

How to remove admin menu pages inserted by plugins?

I’ve got the following code, which cleans up a lot of stuff that is not going to be used within the admin area: add_action( 'admin_menu',

Menu swapper, WPML issue

Let me start with explaining the current situation. I have a WordPress multi website there is a main website which has links to 4 sub

Custom post type numeric pagination

I have already develop wordpress custom type.But I cant add numeric pagination.I need it very urgent. Here is my script. $temp = $wp_query; $wp_query =

How do I insert JS tracking code to a page with the WP editor?

My client needs to add unique blocks of javascript to certain pages in order to track visitors. How do I go about doing this? At

Specific way to allow WordPress users to view their current password? And edit it?

I know the built in user manager doesn’t allow a user to see what her current pass is, just recover / reset it via email

How to use the same code for multiple pages?

The code below prevents a page (defined by its title) from being deleted. When I try to implement two occurrences of this code (one for

Shortcode displays only default attribute values

For some reasons every shortcode, that I try to add to functions.php, displays only default attribute value and ignores what I specify in a post.

Problem with drop down with custom categories

I am having an issue with using a custom category. The category is called counties and includes the following entries: Warwickshire, West Lothian, Westmorland, Wiltshire,

Admin post comments not returning in get_comment function

I don’t get the comments of the post submitted by admin in user side. From the users side, I want to show the admin post

Custom post type using standard post categories results in 404 when viewing /cpt/category

The CPT has been registered fine, with the name ‘qna’ and slug ‘advice’. Viewing domain.com/advice correctly displays the archive-qna.php template. Viewing domain.com/advice/custom-post-title also works correctly

When does WP resize an image file

Creating an image gallery. Using WP for image upload & management. Pictures will be uploaded of various file sizes and pixel dimensions. Page load time

Limit the number of orders per day for wordpress e-store [on hold]

I have a store on wordpress was created using Wpshopcart plugin which can be seen here; http://goo.gl/IX8GtB Now I wanted to add orders limit per

remove_action("wp_ajax_function", "function"); not working

I have the following code in a file called contact-form.php. The file lives here: wp-content/themes/NAMEOFTHEME/ (premium theme) function theme_contact_form() { // some code here (send

Why is wordpress permalink path wrong for single blog posts?

I’m developing my site with MAMP and my homepage is at localhost:8888/wordpress When I click on the link to my blog page (home.php) the url

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