Ignores post_type when no results

I have a custom searchbox that only searches a particular custom post type. On the results page I have modified seacrh.php to display the results

How to exclude categories from recent posts, recent comments & category widgets?

I use the bellow function (thanks to @helgatheviking!) to exclude categories from the wordpress loop. It works very well – posts of selected categories are

Footer in middle of page in different browers [on hold]

For some reason whenever I add a widget to the footer of my site, it moves to the center of the page – but only

WordPress theme showing blank page

Something is wrong to my installed theme, because when I am clicking on Visit Site than its showing blank page. No error and no content,

Changing starting number of User ID

I’ve got a client who would like their online user registration to match their current database. Thus they’d like their wordpress sign ups to start

What would be the perfect WP theme store for you? [on hold]

I am planning on creating a new online templates store, and competing with megasites like Themeforest and Monstertemplates. Lets skip the part where I’m insane

Two loops in one function

I am trying to get this function to work with jquery tabs, and I’ve gotten some of it to work. Right now the function correctly

How do you resize wordpress text without a plugin? [migrated]

I’ve used the search box but didn’t find anything related. I’m want to implement 2 text resize buttons for my blog, something like this(but I

Pulling Twitter RSS feed not working as expected (fatal error)

I’m trying to get some of the latest posts from a Twitter account, without a plugin. According to Botcrawl.com’s tutorial, this should be enough: <ul>

Land to another form page in contact form 7 if check box is marked [on hold]

I want to customize the contact form 7 in wordpress, currently it is multiple-step form but on the 2nd page I want there a check

Stopping flexslider from sliding to just changing pictures

I’m using zeeflex theme and flexslider slides images from right to left, but I’d like them to just change images the regular way. That’s the

captcha not working in my custom plugin

I am trying to create a contact form with captcha, but captcha not working. I created captcha image by this in another file and stored

Setup Featured image on all posts from thesis thesis_post_image custom field?

I moved from thesis to other wp theme and i want to change the thesis post images (these are saved under thesis_post_image in database )as

Use options to control jQuery plugin

This may be a dumb question, but I’ve been teaching myself WordPress and I’ve been struggling with this for a while. What I want to

How do I delete all generated images from my server except those currently used in posts

I have a new set of image sizes for my site’s in-development theme. My server is filled with old image sizes, most of which have

Link to add a tag? Link to remove a tag? [on hold]

So I’ve modified my wordpress template to enable a bit of front end editing. I’ve added the following to my template near the_title() to display

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