Enqueueing a code block from an options framework

I’m currently working with the Redux Framework to allow users of my theme to add additional CSS and JS code to their theme’s header and

get Options value in "external" page

I've create a really small plugin. This plugin add one filter : add_filter('the_content', 'BlueSteelAPI', 5); BlueSteelAPI is calling my API. I've create an admin page for register

Warning: Illegal string offset on theme options page [on hold]

Im creating custom theme options and Im getting this PHP error: Warning: Illegal string offset in … on line 75 // adding the page to

Change custom post type slug from plugin options

I’d like to give users the option to change a custom post type slug in my plugin. Using this answer, I’m able to hardcode it

Strange wordpress slowness

I read a lot about my problem. I have 4 years old WordPress (with newest 3.8.1 WordPress) site. And last months it become really slow.

Assign specific ads to specific categories/posts

I’ve been playing around with solution to be able to show a different header banner on different categories, and hopefully later on, be able to

Get all children page ID’s including parent by title

So I am getting all the children ID’s as well as the parent ID to show content only for that page and all its sub-pages.

Is a true MiniSite possible with WordPress?

I am creating a website that needs to have separate custom “portals” or “Sections” depending on which market you are in. Example situation: user lands

Custom Post Type and Breadcrumbs Conflict

I have a custom post type. It seems the breadcrumbs have an extra space for a parent page (which does not exist) inserted. You can

Display only first level children of my custom taxonomy categories

I’d like to display only first level children of my custom taxonomy categories I’am using wp 3.8 I’ve something like for my taxonomy “listing_category”: Category

Can’t seem to remove AdSense plugin? [on hold]

I installed a plugin called easy adsenser I think. I set it up and realised I wasn't getting much results so I removed it, using

wrap each line into a paragraph [on hold]

I’m looking for a way to automatically wrap each new line into a paragraph tag in my posts. I use a plugin called McEngine (http://www.andydickinson.net/mcengine/)

Reslug a Custom Post Type

I built a plugin for wordpress with custom post types and somewhere along the line I realized that I had to rebuild the way slugs

Fighting the Space Between Inline Block Elements (cit) [on hold]

Using the great plugin called list-category-posts I encountered a problem as I'm styling list elements display: inline. The plugin generates the list and I'd like

How to get wp_get_archives to work on multisite

I am using multisite and have a news-archive on blog(3) and would like to use wp_get_archives for showing in sidebar, but it doesn

How to show more than 5 posts?

I am running code that shows child categories, and all posts in the child categories. But if there are more than 5 posts in a

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