Make first inline image an attachment, so the featured image can be set automatically with a plugin?

So it is NOT an attachment yet, it is inline e.g.: in the post. And I want automate that the first occurrence of such an

Is it possible to load a different sidebar in single.php based on a meta_query filter?

I have a custom post type 'speakers' and I have a checkbox custom field (meta_query) to separate my Conference speakers from my Workshop speakers. I

Link custom post types from blog in a network to custom post on network frontpage [on hold]

I am using a plugin that creates custom post types on the frontpage of my multisite setup. But now I would like to have each

document.getElementById is null, and can’t seem to use window.onload in Widget Javascript [on hold]

I’m writing a widget that is using javascript code that it is registering. The problem is that when I use the document.getElementById it returns null,

Background colors missing WordPress Multisite child sites admin [on hold]

The background colors are missing in admin area of new sites added to MultiSite. CSS, Graphics, etc. are loaded normally but background colors are not.

Display and register custom categories for custom post types

Ok here we go. I have 2 different custom post types. The first is called ‘portfolio’, the second one ‘games’. All the game reviews I

Output images from galley metabox of custom post type plugin

I’m creating a simple portfolio custom post type plugin. It suppose to have custom meta box with gallery images, just like woocommerce plugin’s product page

post_row_actions filter is not working while update post using quick edit

I have created two links using post_row_actions, it was displaying fine when page loads. But the links will get disappear after update post using quick-edit.

Exclude a category of posts from all listings if user doesn’t have a role

I have some categories that I’d like to bulk exclude from all listings (the loop on the main blog listing page, category listing pages, archives,

How to display most viewed related post

hi there i am looking for a plugin or a code to display most viewed related post. in fact i want to display most viewed

Resize an image on selection from media library

i want the image(image1) that is uploaded by a user to be automatically resized to 360px width and 560px height once selected and image 2

How do I include shortcode of widget in HTML code of page? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: Using shortcode in template file 1 answer I am preparing a custom post type that shall allow the

Add link in comment template

I need to add another link for reporting in default comment template via functions.php file. <a href="<?php bloginfo('url'); ?>/report#<?php comment_ID(); ?>">#</a> How can I do?

Style first 3 posts differently with WP_Query [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: How to mark every 3rd post 5 answers I’ve got the following code, which gets the first 3

How to add a new link to the default register form’s footer links?

I would like to add a custom link to the footer section of the register form. How can I do this? I am using the

My Custom Post Type is private – What?

I registered this CPT as every other CPT on my site, but this one is hidden when you’re not logged in as admin. Edit: When

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