Blur.js with WordPress – Enqueued, but server not finding file

So as the title suggests, I’m trying to run blur.js on my WordPress theme. I have enqueued the script in functions.php: function load_oves_methods(){ wp_enqueue_script( 'blur',

How do I enable the WooCommerce Breadcrumbs? [on hold]

I created a template to show on my site as mention here and assumed that breadcrumbs would be visible along with the other shop

Creating custom theme options page

I am creating a theme for a client and it has a custom front page that has a slider and displays the services they offer.

Pulling current post/page data into header.php

I want to pull some post/page specific data (author name, post ID, publish time, etc) into header.php to be used in meta tags. I am

Theme Customizer – Nested Sections?

Is it possible to put sections within sections at all? It would be very helpful for me to be able to do so due to

edit formatting.php in a theme so it wont get overwritten

There are some parts of wpautop I want to remove, but keep the rest. I found in wp-includes/formatting.php within the function wpautop: $pee = preg_replace('|s*|',

Creating a custom abstract/excerpt function: retrieving text between a specific tag or id

Unfortunately, the functions for retrieving the abstract and the excerpt don't fit my needs. I want to define a part in my text that should function

Cant use php fopen() function in functions.php

I am trying to simple run fopen() in the functions.php, and have also tried it in a test.php wordpress template file. But it does not work.

Using htaccess to abstract out redundant directory

I would like to know if there is an easy way to setup an htaccess file to abstract out redundant directories. On my webhost, I

convert php website to html based website [closed]

I recently started working in a company and one of the first tasks that I was given was to redo their website. Being a newbie

Paralells Confixx Redirect with no htaccess file to WordPress

I use shared hosting and have previously had a dreamweaver site on my domain. It is all managed on Confixx. I’ve installed wordpress via software

How to remove text "Log In" from login page

I am using Theme My Login and have noticed that, even though I am customising my own login-form.php template and simply including the appropriate form

<img> with src to external image without extension not rendering in wordpress/firefox

I’m trying to render and html/php/wordpress output with and image call to an external url that has no extension. The image renders fine in Chrome

Onclick url not opening in wordpress site

Here i made a WordPress Website which working correctly but i got some problems occurs like Home page opened good but there no any url

How to reduce the number of queries?

I have meta key “Due” for posts….if a post has expired (past the current date or not equal to it) then it will not be

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